Storage packs

1-2 bed house pack

  • 4 large boxes
  • 7 medium boxes
  • 5 small/archive boxes
  • 10m bubble wrap
  • 2 tape
  • 1 marker pen

Value pack

  • 3 large boxes
  • 4 medium boxes
  • 3 small/archive boxes
  • 5m bubble wrap
  • 1 tape
  • 1 marker pen

Boxes in bulk

  • 10 large
  • 10 medium
  • 10 small/archive

Boxes and packaging price list

A complete range of strong, quality products to help you pack, secure and protect your goods - ideal for home or business use. You can buy any storage pack listed below and we will deliver them to you free of charge.

Padlock (brass regular)£5.99
Padlock (heavy duty)£9.99
Archive box (15.5"x12"x10")£1.99
Medium box (18"x13"x13")£2.49
Large box (18"x18"x20")£3.49
Wardrobe box£9.99
Mirror box (32"x22"x3.5")£1.99
Bubble wrap (5m roll)£3.99
Packing tape£1.99
Tape gun£5.99
Dust cover (10'x20')£3.99
Single mattress cover (two pack)£3.99
Double mattress cover£2.49
King size mattress cover£2.99
Chair cover (two pack)£2.99
Sofa cover£2.99
Professional removal blanket£4.99
White packing paper (for crockery and glass)£7.99
Cutting knife£1.99
Tape measure£2.99
Marker pen£1.99
Fragile labels£1.99
Heavy duty shelving/racking£99.99
Second-hand rackingCall

All prices include VAT.

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