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The cost of renting a room with is much lower than our competition. You'll find that nearly every self storage centre has a “lowest price guarantee” stamped on their pages. We regularly check our competitors' prices and they quite simply cannot compete with our prices.

Our most recent price comparison survey was carried out during July 08 and produced the following results:

Unit size Price difference
25sq ft 31% saving
50sq ft 28% saving
75sq ft 35% saving
100sq ft 28% saving
150sq ft 25% saving

Insurance is provided by a 3rd party and costs 0.45p per £1000 value pw. You must check your own policy and see whether you're goods are covered in our facility before you bring your things into storage.

To determine your exact needs please visit one of our stores or call us as anytime. Or for a quick quotation just fill in the details below and we'll get back to you within the hour.

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Terms and Conditions

All information provided is correct at time of going to print and may differ slightly from one branch to the next. We reserve the right to change any of the information provided without warning.

Our most recent price comparison was carried out in May 08 and was measured against our competitors' list price as quoted by an employee.

How much space will I need?


A good starting point is often the number of bedrooms in your property. This provides a fairly accurate estimate of the storage space you will need.

Bedrooms Space
1 35-80sq ft
2 80-100sq ft
3 100-160sq ft
4+ 160sq ft +
Vehicle Space
Transit van 35-45sq ft
Luton box van 70-80sq ft
7.5t box van 140-170sq ft

10sq ft = approx 1sq m


Let us know the number of boxes, or size of the office, warehouse or stockroom whose contents you need to store and we will work out the required storage space.

No. of standard boxes Space
50 boxes 25-50sq ft
100 boxes 50-80sq ft
150 boxes 80-100sq ft
200 boxes 100-125sq ft
300+ boxes 125sq ft +

10sq ft = approx 1sq m